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The CAS Service project

When a CAS project addresses the CAS strand of service (known as service project), you must take into account the opinions and expectations of others involved and focus on meaningful and authentic needs to ensure actions are respectful and reciprocal.

Awareness of the possible impact and consequences of your actions should be part of the planning process. Where possible, service projects should involve working alongside community members with ongoing communication. When the service project involves

the use of an external facilitator such as a non-government organization or a commercial provider, care should be taken to ensure that the facilitator acts in accordance with the IB mission statement and CAS requirements.

A service project that includes interaction with and appreciation of diverse social or cultural backgrounds can increase international-mindedness and engagement with issues of global significance. International service projects are acceptable if clear goals and outcomes are established, understood, and based on the expectation of compelling benefits expected for all stakeholders.

If a service project is conducted outside the local context, it is recommended that there is some form of continuation. For example, you could research the community served and educate yourself further about the issues involved, develop an advocacy programme for the served community, or develop greater awareness of a related need in your local community leading to some form of local action. This may inspire the next group of CAS students.

For any service project it is important to ensure that there is:

a genuine need for the service project, which has been stated and agreed upon by the potential partners

• if required, a liaison officer who has a good relationship with the community where the service project is based

• an understanding of the level of student participation that is feasible in the service project

• a clear assessment of potential risks to participating students

• approval from the school administration for the service project

• a demonstration of how the CAS stages were followed

• a thorough evaluation of the benefits of the service project for all involved.

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