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CAS experiences

There are four guidelines that should be applied to any proposed CAS experience.

A CAS experience must:

• fit within one or more of the CAS strands

• be based on a personal interest, skill, talent or opportunity for growth

• provide opportunities to develop the attributes of the IB learner profile

• not be used or included in the student’s Diploma course requirements

To further assist you in deciding on a CAS experience, the following questions may be useful to consider:

• Will the experience be enjoyable?

• Does the experience allow for development of personal interests, skills and/or talents?

• What new possibilities or challenges could the experience provide?

• What might be the possible consequences of your CAS experience for you, others and the


• Which CAS learning outcomes may be addressed?

While it is not necessary for each CAS experience to address a CAS learning outcome, upon

completion of the CAS programme, you are required to present evidence demonstrating achievement of all CAS learning outcomes.

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