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The CAS project

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A CAS project is a collaborative, well-considered series of sequential CAS experiences, engaging you in one or more of the CAS strands of creativity, activity, and service.You must be involved in at least one CAS project during your CAS programme.

The primary purpose of the CAS project is to ensure participation in sustained collaboration. Through this level of engagement you may discover the benefits of teamwork and of achievements realized through an exchange of ideas and abilities. A CAS project challenges you to show initiative, demonstrate perseverance, and develop skills such as those of cooperation, problem-solving and decision-making.

A CAS project involves collaboration between a group of students or with members of the wider community. You work as part of a team, with all members being contributors.

A CAS project offers you the opportunity to be responsible for, or to initiate, a part of or the entire CAS project. Working collaboratively also provides opportunities for you to enhance and integrate your personal interests, skills and talents into the planning and implementation of CAS projects.

All CAS projects should use the CAS stages as a framework for implementation to ensure that all requirements are met.

A CAS project can address any single strand of CAS, or combine two or all three strands.

The following examples are provided to help generate further ideas without limiting the scope and direction of a CAS project.

• Creativity: A student group plans, designs and creates a mural.

• Activity: Students organize and participate in a sports team including training sessions and matches against other teams.

• Service: Students set up and conduct tutoring for people in need.

• Creativity and activity: Students choreograph a routine for their marching band.

• Service and activity: Students plan and participate in the planting and maintenance of a garden with members of the local community.

• Service and creativity: Students identify that children at a local school need backpacks and

subsequently design and make the backpacks out of recycled materials.

• Creativity, activity, and service: Students rehearse and perform a dance production for a community retirement home.

All CAS projects are designed with a defined purpose and goals. Individual students identify one or more learning outcomes to further guide their role and responsibilities in the CAS project.

A minimum of one month is required for a CAS project, from planning to completion. CAS projects of longer duration can provide even greater scope and opportunities for all participants and is encouraged.

You should aim to undertake your CAS project locally and, if possible, engage in more

than one CAS project over the duration of their CAS programme.

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